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Photographer - exploring the world and self through the lens. Film-curious.  

Morgan W. Richie is a photographer and filmmaker. She recently returned to Central Florida after living for over 25 years in Hawaii and California.


Morgan's photography has been accepted into The Contemporary Photography in Hawaii exhibit three times and in 2019 she won the Halekulani Corporation Award for her Untitled #096. Five of her images have been accepted to


In 2020-2021, she produced 11 short films and graduated from the Hawaii Filmmakers Collective Producer's Lab. She has also worked on set and in the production office for several commercials and as a background actor in a feature film. 


But she started as a marine biologist. In the first 20 years of her career, her adventures took her to sea. She researched the historical ecology of tropical marine ecosystems, managed a marine mammal monitoring program, presented her work to the Princess of Thailand, and rode a one-eyed horse on a deserted stretch of a rarely visited island.


Now her creativity is applied to her art to create imagery that resonates deeply with the viewer.

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