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The Edge of Certainty

This project emerged as an exercise in listening rather than a conscious effort to take photos of a subject. My main effort is to work with the cacophony of conscious thoughts in such a way that they may subside, and I can connect with silence to find out if imagery will speak to a receptive listener.  In this regard, these images are both representations of moments in the world and very personal. There is nothing to understand; grasping at understanding can be a barrier to understanding.

If we cease effort at interpretation, what is left? Words cannot find the meaning — it must be felt, intuited, or experienced rather than expressed as an intellectual construct. The answers are not yet known to me. I hope that you will view these photographs with the intent to experience the intersection of certainty and uncertainty without effort at conscious interpretation.

Portfolio exhibited in 2019 Contemporary Photography in Hawaii Exhibition. Untitled #096 won the Halekulani Corporation Award. 

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