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My teachers

As creatives, we bring images or objects from nothingness into existence where they can be seen, felt, heard, and discussed. We add our voice to the canon and represent humanity's expression in the moment. Our creations are ours only in the context of those who influence and support us as we do our work. We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, share inspiration and ideas with our cohort in a particular time and place, and are guided by those who have acquired the wisdom and insight needed to teach.  It is important to me to honor my teachers, community, and influences so that they may be acknowledged for their contribution. 

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David Ulrich 

The arrival of David as a mentor was a key turning point for me in my life as a creative. His astute, insightful, and gentle instruction has facilitated the growth of my creative flame. His work at Oceano Dunes was a major influence, even so far as inspiring me to photograph the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado, and I am the proud owner of one of his original signed prints. Without David as a creative guide, I may not have found my creative voice. You can find David's work and writing at

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Kasia Urbaniak

My spiciest and most revolutionary teacher, Kasia, gained wisdom and insight during her time as a dominatrix and studying Taoist emotional alchemy. She wrote a book entitled Unbound:  A Woman's Guide to Power which can be found on Amazon. Kasia's ground-breaking insights have enabled centuries of conditioning to fall gently and lovingly to the wayside. 

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Sarah A. Younger

Sarah is my mother. In the early days, she was an artist and photographer. Now she is an author and has published 3 novels with her 4th due out soon. Sarah always encouraged a life of creativity and for that I'm so grateful. You can find her books at  

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Rorie Kerns

Rorie is a friend and "big sister" in the practices created by Regena Thomashauer at The School for the Womanly Arts. Rorie patiently, non-judgementally, and skillfully passed on critical pieces of information which have enabled a degree of self-trust and joy that I never thought possible. Rorie is a magical swim instructor and can be found at

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Michael Kieran 

Michael Kieran is the teacher at the Palolo Zen Center. His wisdom, kindness, and patience is a source of great inspiration. Teaching the simplest yet most exacting and difficult practice, Michael is among my most treasured teachers whose lessons extend to all aspects of my life and creativity.

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Mary Michelle Pearce

A talented film producer and artist, Mary taught me independent film production through the Hawaii Filmmakers Collective. She also modeled a natural leadership and confidence that was incredible to witness especially from someone 25 years younger than me. How marvelous to meet a mentor such as this. You can find her on Instagram at @marympearce.


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